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Where Have All The Ethics Gone?


I have recently, thanks to the economy downturn and the real estate quandary in particular, taken a job in corporate America. I have to say….. I must have been living in a bubble for the last twenty five years!

Running my own businesses, and taking total responsibility for the outcome and the income (or lack of it!) I must say was a lot easier and more satisfying than trying to work ethically in an environment where so many no longer feel any personal responsibility for their day’s paycheck.

Maybe I have just been blessed by the employees I have been proud to work with,  delegate to and promote. Perhaps I am “just lucky”. Or  possibly the values I held myself to  also attracted the type of employee who felt the same.  All I know is I looked forward to every day of work I was privileged to have, and never went home with the sadness or started my day as close to tears as I have recently.

I am determined to do the best I can, even within the confines of having very little input into the solutions to the problems. I know that God provided this income and therefore has a purpose for me there. As with so many things, I may not realize it until long after, when the reasons are revealed. I do know that as always, I trust His map for my life, and will continue to try to stay on track. All I know is, sometimes I feel like my GPS has picked up a wrong signal and sent me way off course….like I am on a dirt road when I should be on a highway! The driving is a bit more precarious and I just have to slow down and proceed with caution, and prayer.