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I am a problem solver. Single parents needed help finding homes they could afford. I became a Realtor to help solve that problem. I was blessed to help 139 single parents find a home they could afford over twenty years as a realtor in Florida.

I just realized I have not updated this page; that I am no longer a Realtor, and have in fact stepped out in faith yet anotheFamily Christmas 2012r time in my life. I moved in July 2011 from the East Coast to the West Coast, starting over in a brand new place for me, from Jacksonville, Fl to San Clemente, Ca. I no longer own a home, have rental property, nor any of my own furniture and I brought very few possessions from my past. I did bring many wonderful memories, my God-given gifts and talents, an optimistic outlook about the future and my trusty dog, Gypsy. The foundation for my path through  life is my walk with God, and I make no excuses for that. In fact, the longer I walk, the closer I get and the more He seems to be directing this blog into a book about our journey. However, I may have to rename and recreate this blog in order  to follow along.

The thing that I have learned along the way is that my work must center around the way God created me. Then it is not only not work, but a journey and a mission that fit well together. This part is not always easy, as the gifts I have been given often require a degree in order to be paid enough to appear successful. I am finding that if I combine at least one or two of my intuitive gifts I can find a way to cover my expenses until I figure it out. That means totally trusting God to provide a way for me on a daily basis, and is yet another strengthener of my faith.

I still love to help people enjoy their homes and decorate them with color, style and as little money as possible. I still try to solve problems. Together, with Him, I am still looking for opportunities to help others with problems that those who haven’t been there may rarely see. He has just graced me with not only a volunteer position at a pregnancy resource center, but also a paid staff position. I feel as though this is the place, time and opportunity He has been training me for over the past thirty years, and I pray that as I look back on the past years of blogging that this will be evident to you and to me. This journey is just beginning!

As I hit Update for this information, I just noticed this was originally published when my blog was started for me by my son, on May 25th, 2008. Out of 365 days, it is no coincidence that God had me update on this one. He always remembers our anniversaries!

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  1. Avatar May 30th, 2008 at 4:09 am May Says:

    Hi friend-your first comment. The tips on cleaning up to sell are great.

  2. Avatar July 22nd, 2010 at 10:14 pm Darlene Says:

    Hello dear friend….sorry to hear about your surgery but glad it came out ok….I have been glued to your pages for the past 30 mins or more. Got an email from Bob about the Today show in the morning will try & catch it….need to talk about our house. Much love, me
    Love this layout!

  3. Avatar July 23rd, 2010 at 7:06 pm Joan Says:

    there you are…why havent I been able to reach you and Bob can? Sounds like you guys are back on! Ive missed a bunch!!I did go into the humane shelter today to see if someone was calling my name ….one named gypsy might have been….I will check back. I think of this layout like a gypsy…it suits me I think! So glad to have found you again….I missed you and you are the only reason I got thru Jets death!Love you

  4. Avatar August 4th, 2010 at 9:34 pm Denise Says:

    You are writing your book in this blog Joan – you do know that right?? At least one of many books I hope to come from you…it reminds me of how I felt over 20 years ago reading Alexandra’s Stoddard’s book with inspirational thoughts for integrating life, home, work and family and friends into a peaceful and joyful existence. I’m loving your blog and more importantly feeling our connection as friends from coast to coast if only through the vast world of electronic communication.

    Much Love… looking forward to your continued blogging!



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