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What If We Had No Stress?


How would we handle our lives if we truly perceived them as not being stressful? I have really been chewing on this for the past few weeks, as I am readjusting to my new life. I am on a three-hour different time clock,  and I have let go of all my attachments; to things, furniture, houses, ways of making a living and ways of volunteering and connecting to people. That has left me with pretty much a clean slate upon which to choose what I want my life to look and feel like from now on.

What I noticed immediately was the difference between me and my family and friends whose days were caught up with keeping up with everything already on their plates. I recognized just how difficult it is for anyone to get any perspective on what needs to go, when staying ahead of crisis seems to be an all consuming job. Even though someone, perhaps a counselor or physician, may alert them to the fact that they have to rid themselves of some stressors, getting time to do that in their stressed-out environment is impossible. Making that time seems to only cause pure panic that everything will swamp them. It’s the story of the guy spinning ten plates in the air. If he stops focusing one may drop. If he doesn’t stop focusing he may go nuts from the pressure and they may all fall on his head. What is the solution here?

Some of us may have noticed a friend, suddenly stricken by an accident or illness, having to totally rearrange their priorities and though the immediate reaction is how will all the things they have been handling get covered, we soon observe that a peace has come over them that we never saw before. Often they have just, finally, had to put their health and their families first on their agenda, to the exclusion of everything and everyone else. It is amazing that we love them none the less for this decision, because we know it is the only way they will survive to remain in our lives. Why is it that we can’t see this until disaster befalls us? Why can’t we make similar decisions before we are forced to, when it really is in our best interest?

I have come to see, over the past four years, that everything bad that happens does have a silver lining, if we are willing to look for it. Every loss is indeed a gain, for God if for no one else, as we most often turn our attention fully to Him only when we run out of other options. He is capable of making all things new and using everything for our best. Total trust in that is the only fact we have trouble acknowledging. Why do we cling to our stress? Is anyone really making us, or does it just confirm some absurd reason for being here that we seem to have to be needed? We are needed, but often not for the reasons we think. I have been examining that for the past month, and found I have had little reason to blog when I was so happy and so stress free. What does that say about our need to constantly communicate our stress with others?

Hmmmm. I am still pondering all this in my heart. I hope to have more insight in the future. Until then, it is good to be back on my gypsy-like home page, back keeping in touch with life, love, and faith.

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“What If We Had No Stress?”

  1. Avatar August 17th, 2011 at 10:11 am Sherri Robinson Says:

    Good thoughts, Joan. Glad we talked about this yesterday. It allowed me to start thinking in a new way. Alot to work on. I too have had the blessing of less stress lately. I think I like it, but it is something to get used to. All good things are. Luckily it has given me more space for creativity and dreaming in my life. I do hope starting my new job will not use up that energy but will give me more as you said. I wish the same for you when you start your new job adventure. I know it will feel good to have a regular paycheck, won’t it? Not to mention all the new friends we are going to make.

    Love ya,

  2. Avatar August 19th, 2011 at 1:23 pm Joan Says:

    Sherri, I just read this over. What struck me on second reading was the line less stress takes’ getting used to…..all good things are’ This is kind of what I was referring to in today’s blog, not that you aren’t a friend trying to make huge changes. I guess it is just the attitude we have that it is easier to get used to bad news than good news, Bad outcomes instead of good. That is what I am seeing and hearing in so many conversations. Why is that we are able to make lemonade out of lemons but don’t know what to do with a milkshake made with the best ice cream when it is handed to us?

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