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One Woman’s Faux Finish…….


Another woman’s “dirty walls”?  I had a call today from a new tenant in my son’s rental property, asking permission to paint the ‘blotchy’ walls. She said she knew they weren’t dirty, but her friends thought they were. In making this her home, she felt better just painting them a clean neutral beige and wanted permission to do so.

Remembering how I had painted every apartment and home I had ever rented, only to paint it back to white before we left, I gave her permission to go ahead, and even offered the five gallon bucket of paint that had been used in several of the “clean” rooms. It made me think, however, of the interesting differences in people once again.

I had painted those walls in a Tuscan faux finish I had used not only in my own home, but I had also been well-paid to execute it on several very high priced homes in the area. It is all in what appeals to you. What looked dirty to her was the same hand-rubbed look that reminded others of old world European homes and churches. It is all in the eye of the beholder.

Instead of trying to prove that it was a valuable paint treatment, I just offered a clean coat of paint. It at least shows me that cleanliness is important to her, and that is an excellent sign in a new tenant. Also she was offering to do it herself or with paint-knowledgeable relatives helping her. It was interesting to me how easily I gave up ownership of the paint style in order to coincide with another persons vision of a clean home….every woman deserves her own view of the home she is charged with keeping clean! (unless, of course, her husband has override permission :-(



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“One Woman’s Faux Finish…….”

  1. Avatar May 25th, 2011 at 10:58 pm Sherri Robinson Says:

    Good for you, Joan. I know the tenant appreciated the freedom to paint to her taste. As our whole family prepares to reside together in a new residence once again, I was thinking of painting my space. I also asked permission and Cindy said it was fine though she may love the way the house might already be. I appreciate her willingness to allow that. There is just something about making a space yours with color and/or decor. It creates a feeling of love and belonging making even this gypsie heart feel even more free in a permanent residence. That would be something, wouldn’t it? Thanks for the new blog. More please!

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