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I’ve Found My Way!


When  my sister sent an overnight refrigerated package to my Mom at Christmas, we were all anxious to see the contents. Fortunately she said refrigerate immediately and eat as soon as possible! So we dove into what turned out to be two packages of cheese curds. Now I don’t personally ever remember having these, but this particular sister has an amazing memory for things involving our mother, and so I am pretty sure there is a story behind it somewhere. In the meantime, I enjoyed tasting the soft and funny shaped cheese that was a by-product of some cheese making process, but when I talked with my sister, I of course said but now that I have my curds, I still can’t find my whey!

She laughed, but the nursery rhyme (who was that eating her curds and whey?) stuck in my head, and later that week when I was back home, I was shopping in Costco and stumbled across….you guessed it, Whey! In fact such a huge bag of it, it will take me a year to drink it all. However, I was surprised to see it had amazing amounts of protein and muscle builders and who knows what else, in a chocolaty powder you mix up with water.

So after I brought that home, I could not help but go around the house singing “Ive found  my way”….which was naturally followed by “love came just in time, you found me just in time, and changed my lonely life that lovely day!”

How funny if that puts a new energy into my christian dating scenario, giving me a renewed vision for the possibilities if I can manage to stay focused. I have decided to be looking for a good grandfather for my  pre-conceived grandchildren. That gives me a better and once removed way of looking at potential dates…would they make a good grandfather? That is an easier concept than would they be right for me? My standards for my yet unborn grandchildren are bound to be higher than anything I think I could put up with myself, so I think I will give this one a try!

Certainly takes the heat off me  for the time being, while God is still working on that.

Of course, after I consume all this whey, I may just be a huge muscle mass and not very attractive to the good grandfather prospect!

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“I’ve Found My Way!”

  1. Avatar January 7th, 2011 at 10:24 pm Jill Fowler Dragiff Says:

    Great idea! I would do the same thing! And it was Little Miss Muffett.

  2. Avatar January 8th, 2011 at 12:29 pm Sherri Robinson Says:

    Very funny stuff. Enjoyed it.I always enjoy reading about your adventures. In case you do not find the perfect grandfather for your “grandchildren to be” don’t worry. You will be a wonderful grandmother and sometimes that is all a grandbaby needs. By the way, don’t mix the protein powder with milk. It will make you gain weight. Mixing in a blender for that type of whey protein and adding fruit will make it delicious and lump free. If you develop stomach distress you might want to discontinue that particular protein and find one with digestive enzymes. Let me know if you have any questions related to protein powders, vitamins or herbs. I used to work at GNC and have a wealth of helpful information in that field. If I don’t know something I can find out for you. Enjoy.

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