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Exceeding Abundance!


Well, I do have some news to report. Good news. I have struggled with feeling like I was in a kind of prison over the past weeks as I absorbed all the energy around me at work that was less than positive and forward-moving. I took my son’s advice and wrote out my views on a word document, so that if I decided I couldn’t handle it anymore, I would have my words in a well thought out format. I must admit that was stellar advice! After I got it all on paper, it ceased running through my brain at night, costing me the much needed sleep required to help me deal with the day ahead.

That being said and done, I began to see changes in my work environment, where I was actually able to make positive contributions and stay out of the things that brought me such angst. Once I began to be able to start helping people find homes again, I started to feel better about spending so much time in one place, something I have never been able to do successfully in the past. I have always thrived in jobs where I drove around or moved around a lot (Stewardess, Realtor, Faux Finisher).

I also saw that If I asked God to intervene and truly bless me in those circumstances that I couldn’t seem to change, that He actually did exceedingly beyond what I could have imagined. I have begun to include in my prayer list even more wildly extravagant requests for my life! We will see how that goes in the near future, but I saw this week one incredible example of His abundant answers (hard to explain here without a lot of detail, but trust me, it was huge!)! I will keep you posted on the incoming results. It will be nothing less than exciting….it always is!

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“Exceeding Abundance!”

  1. Avatar October 6th, 2010 at 11:25 pm Sherri Robinson Says:

    I’m so happy you had a breakthrough. I would love to hear in detail what you did so I can do it too. Talk to you soon. Love Ya!

  2. Avatar October 9th, 2010 at 9:21 pm Jill Fowler Dragiff Says:

    So good that you are feeling, and seeing, changes, I can really relate to seeing that subtle but so important change when you are released from continual oppression by the things you can’t change and energized to be part of the change you can be part of.

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